Two Options for the Children's Summer Reading Program:

"Fizz, Bang, Boom: The Science of Sound"

Learn about the science of sound. Find out how sound travels. Find out what makes up a sound. Find out why we hear it.  Find out how to make different sounds using your voice and musical instruments.


"Turtles and Gators and Spoonbills, Oh My!: Science Through the Arts"

Meet Florida coastal creatures of the land, sea, and air. Explore how and where they live. Learn about their habits and habitats as they are depicted through song, story, movement, and puppets.  Discover ways to help preserve our wildlife and natural habitats.   Be a good steward at home, at school, and right in your own neighborhood.

Summer and Fall Programming for Adults:

"A Passel of Pirates"

Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure across the seven seas and along the waterways of Florida.   Go in search of treasure, hear the cannons roar, and meet bold buccaneers of days gone by.  Find out the real stories of “A Passel of Pirates” including Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, and Grace O’Malley. Feel the spray in your face and a chill down your spine with traditional sailor and maritime historian, Chris Kastle. The program for adults and young adults includes songs and stories such as “The Derelict Song” (15 Men on a Dead Man’s Chest), "The Pirate”, "A Visit From Blackbeard”, “The Pirates Lament”, and “High Barbaree”.

"Pubs, Pipers, and the Speckled Door"

Travel through time and place in song and story.  Explore myths and memories woven with a Celtic thread by Chris Kastle, singer, songwriter, and storyteller.   See “The Piper in the Pub”, meet “The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry”, and walk the winding road to the old Kinsale Head to find out what’s “Behind the Speckled Door”. 

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