Chris Kastle does in-services and workshops in presentation skills, music, storytelling, creative writing,and visual folk arts for professional and personal development.

TELL YOUR STORY IN SONG - In-Service, Workshop (1.5 hours)

Artist will analyze and discuss examples of her songwriting to demonstrate various approaches she has used to tell personal stories, educate, commemorate special events, and write historical ballads. This workshop is applicable to language arts, history and general humanities as well as the arts. Participants may bring ideas of their own or works in progress to discuss during the 90-minute workshop.

Audience: groups of up to 25-30 teachers, college students, adults. 

WRITING OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD! In-Service, Workshop (1.5 hours)

Learn techniques to overcome writer's block, improvise, and improve your performance and communication skills.  Write, arrange, rehearse and perform a short song in just 90 minutes!  Every participant will get to take home an original song modeled on a traditional sea shantey. 

Audience: groups of up to 25-30 teachers, college students, business professionals, adults.

TELLING YOUR STORIES – In-Service, Workshop (1.5 hours)

Learn how to share your stories with others. Develop techniques to effectively communicate your unique adventures and experiences and discover the common threads that bring us together in our awareness, enjoyment, and understanding.

Audience: groups of up to 25-30 teachers, college students, business professionals, adults. 

PERK IT UP WITH PUPPETS – In-Service, Workshop(1.5 hours)

Puppets can be a wonderful, whimsical way to augment storytelling on stage or in the classroom.  Learn how to make simple two-string marionettes, stick puppets, and more in a short period of time using common materials.  These techniques can be applied in personal use but are also perfect for a classroom activity. Come prepared to create a puppet depicting a character or aspect of a story you have chosen.  There will be time at the end of the workshop to improvise using your puppet. 

Audience: groups of up to 25-30 teachers, college students, adults.


This program is a 3-hour seminar about identifying, linking, focusing, and celebrating your maritime community. Initiate strategies for building maritime awareness and pride through events, seminars, workshops, and educational outreach. This seminar was originally developed for the Visitor and Convention Bureau of Savannah, Georgia.

Audience: organizations, municipalities, administrators, planners, undergraduate, graduate student projects.