Travel Tips Planning that long awaited trip? Hear about adventures in paradise; learn the details of the great international towel incident; travel behind the speckled door. Chris Kastle will be your guide for personal stories and songs of of mystery, joy and discovery.

Love and Other Things:  First love, lost love, last love. greatest love – experience the  excitement, joy, laughter and occasional regrets. Enjoy heartwarming, hopeful and humorous songs, stories and poetry.

Mermaids, Myths and Miracles:  Explore the amazing world of mythical creatures around the world and right here in Florida through songs, stories and poetry.

Growing Pains:  However did you survive the slings and arrows of outrageous childhood? Or manage to live through the horror and humor of that first date? Or experience both the tears and joy of reconciliation? Or find peace in that last and final conversation? Personal stories and original songs.  We all suffer growing pains -–the stuff of life! 

Totally Original:  Enjoy songs and/or stories written and performed by Chris Kastle. 

Maritime Mysteries:  Embrace the romance of the untamed sea and the unknown shore. Explore the mysteries of Florida and beyond. Voyage back in time and to the uncharted realms of imagination through story and song. 

A Passel of Pirates:  Set sail on a tall ship for a pirate adventure across the seven seas limited only by the boundaries of your imagination as guided by maritime lore, language, songs, and stories. Go in search of treasure, hear the cannons roar and meet bold buccaneers of days gone by. 

Pubs, Pipers and the Speckled Door:  Travel through time and place in song and story.  Explore myths and memories woven with a Celtic thread. 

Story Songs and Sing-a-Longs:  Actively listen to and sing the stories that music can tell.  

The Man in the Moon Has Only One Eye:  Scary songs and stories to chill and thrill in the dark of night or the light of day. 

That Time of Year:  Seasonal songs and stories for winter and the holidays. 


Tell Your Story!  Hear an example of a personal story followed by a short discussion on choosing a topic. Learn the basics of assembling and organizing your story.  Get tips for telling. Improvise a short personal story (3 minutes or less) and share it with the group.        90 Minute Workshop;  limited to 12 participants. 

Off The Top of Your Head!  Learn techniques to overcome writer's block, improvise, build confidence and improve performance and communication skills.  Write, arrange, rehearse and perform a short song or poem. 90 Minute Workshop;  limited to 12 participants. 


Chris Kastle is a seasoned, critically acclaimed, award-winning, nationally and internationally touring performer who enjoys working with all types of audiences in all kinds of venues. Her extensive repertoire gives her the ability to work within a broad range of festival formats in concert sets and workshops.