FIELD TRIPS OF THE MIND (All programs are age and ability adjusted.)

Recommended for All ages 

Turtles and Gators and Spoonbills, Oh My!  Meet Florida coastal creatures of the land, sea, and air. Explore how and where they live. Learn about their habits as depicted through song, story, movement, and puppets.  Discover ways to help preserve our wildlife and natural habitats. 

Story Songs and Sing-a-longs: Actively listen to and sing the stories that music can tell.  Experience the imagery found in stories that only the blending of words and melody can create. 

Recommended for Pre-school through Grade 2  

Songs and Stories for Fun and Movement: Sing and move along to musical instruments. Hear songs and stories, some with puppets, from exciting places across the planet and around the block. Make some new discoveries and have a great time!    

The Roaring Rhinoceros and Friends: Hear the story of "The Roaring Rhinoceros" and find out her silly secret. Frolic and dance with the Baby Mammoth.  Sing to the whales. Find out what has googly eyes, and much, much more!  The program uses songs, stories, and puppets. 

The Pirate Queen and the Crusty Crew: Join Captain Chris,The Queen of the Pirates, in song and story, as a member of the Crusty Crew.Thrill to an adventure on the high seas. Hoist the hook, haul the sails and discover buried treasure!    

Instruments From Around the World: Discover the "first" rhythm. Hear and see instruments from near and far covering all of the instrument families. Learn about the principles of sound and about how some instruments are made, and perhaps, play an instrument of your very own! 

Recommended for 1st through 6th Grades  

Let the Waves Roll High!  Sail aboard a Tall Ship in song and story; today and yesterday.  Hoist the anchor, set the sail, swab the deck, weather a storm, plot a course, learn the customs, and speak the language as part of a ship’s able bodied crew.  Find out how to become a member of a crew on a traditionally rigged vessel that sails today! 

Way Out West:  Ride the trail on an adventure in song and story. Saddle your horse, catch a tumbling tumbleweed, eat biscuits and beans, look at the stars, sing cowboy songs, and swap stories around the campfire! 

Shine Out Your Light: Travel to the beautiful lighthouses around the state of Florida through highly participatory song and story.  Find out why we have lighthouses, what it was like to be a lighthouse keeper, and where you can go to see and even climb a lighthouse today.  Learn about aids to navigation, weather, and other aspects of maritime life and history.  

Down Below the Waves: Discover what it takes to be an underwater detective on the coast and inland waterways of Florida.  Learn about traditional sailing, historic ships, and the tools it takes to be an underwater archeologist through song and story.  Dive below the waves; describe the artifacts; do the math; understand the science – solve the mystery!

Only for Middle School through High School — 

A Passel of Pirates:  Set sail on a tall ship for a pirate adventure across the seven seas limited only by the boundaries of your imagination as guided by maritime lore, language, songs, and stories. Go in search of treasure, hear the cannons roar and meet bold buccaneers of days gone by. 



Music and Musical Instrument Making  • Music and Movement 

Performance Skills and Public Speaking • Poetry  • Puppet Making 

Storytelling • Songwriting • Visual Art • Writing and Performance 

Cross-disciplinary Standards Based Projects 




I was in awe of Ms. Kastle as she captured her audience and led them through her menagerie of stories and song! I even peeked across the room and saw our manly PE coach joining in with song and hand motions in the story of the turtle and beaver! Ms. Kastle shared so beautifully with her songs and her captivating stories. As an educator, I was stoked to hear all of the educational components, as well. Her words were inspiring and uplifting, engaging, educational, and memorable. I was impressed that even our toughest little darlings did not waver, but remained captivated by her engaging methods of audience participation. ” - Mary, Media Specialist

— Groveland Elementary School