Chris Kastle is an award winning singer, storyteller, songsmith, author, artist and educator from St. Augustine, Florida.  She is a professional touring performer and seasoned traveler who offers insight into a lifetime of adventure. Her original songs and stories possess great imagery and have the occasional flavor of Celtic and Maritime traditions. 

She has broad range of performance experience at concert venues, festivals, museums, camps, senior venues and educational settings with all ages and abilities.  Her writing and visual arts workshops serve professional needs and, for schools, encompass CPALMS learning standards.

Chris Kastle offers a host of programs that can be adapted to a broad range of audiences. This includes general audiences for concerts and festivals to customized residencies, workshops, seminars, and in-services for particular needs. This program listing is intended to suggest possibilities; however, Chris can also tailor or create programs on an individual basis.

You are welcome to select a specific program area and check out the possibilities!  Program areas include CONCERTS AND FESTIVALS, SCHOOLS, CAMPS, LIBRARIES, IN-SERVICES, WORKSHOPS, COACHING, and CONSULTING.